Our company is formed  by a group of investors and a cooperative of encarcerated  artisans who work under the auspices of the Trenzados Foundation, an organization that articulates and facilitates the commercial, administrative and social management of the group, whose goal  is to place artisans' products in National and international markets where they value the exclusive and quality work done by our partners, achieving a better price and a better level of income for them, thus breaking the exclusion and the circle of poverty in which they usually are.

Trenzados is working to become certified to operate under the Fairtrade  standard (established by WFTO) with the aim  of improving the access to opportunities for our producers, respecting gender equality, taking care of the fair priced payment agreed between both parts, being clear with the information to our members and sharing the profits of sales in Chile and abroad with them.


We are also working under  the Certification of Designation of Origin (INAPI), adding value to the products, enhancing their origin and delivering alongside with the product a bit of the history of the Craftsmen’s life and effort.

Dirección: Gameros Nº 160 - Rancagua

Contacto: + 56 9 6308 2718 - +56 9 88292334

Correo: Pablo@trenzados .cl -